Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

a-gift-a-year-celebration-overhead1You may be at a loss of ideas when it comes to gifting someone something on their birthday, especially when they already seem to have most of the things that money can buy. In such a case, some unique gift ideas can come to your rescue. These gifts need not be too expensive or flashy, but they have to be thoughtful and yes, creative! They can be wacky, useful or a complete surprise, and if you take into account the personal tastes of the person, there’s really nothing like it. Here, we have presented a list of unique birthday gifts for people according to their likes or peculiar personality traits.

For Adventure Lovers
A gift voucher for ski weekend at the nearest ski resort or a membership at local paragliding club is a good idea. You can also present them with vouchers for bungee-jumping, sky-diving or similar adventure sports. However, the best gift would be accompanying them on a jungle trail or a mountain hiking trip or any other activity of their choice. Your loved ones will cherish your

Tips to Treat Each Day as a Gift

ee69a78871fe95f7b8d30107daa2e425Way back in school, during a Moral Science class, our teacher narrated an incident that involved her cousin who was elder to her by a decade. The cousin she spoke about was a highly educated woman, who also happened to be the CEO of a well-known publication house. She never bothered to get married as she didn’t see it as a priority in her life. However, she was moneyed and did live in with the man she loved until the day of her demise. Exactly three days after she passed away, her partner sat and sifted through her stuff to reminisce and relive some of the best moments he had lived with her. During this indulgently nostalgic session, he found a cardboard box with a transparent cellophane top with a beautiful silk scarf inside. The box had evidently been opened once. He remembered that he had given her the scarf at least seven years ago, and she had smiled like a little girl on receiving it. She had hugged the box tight and proclaimed that she would wear

Wedding Gift Ideas for Second Marriages

second-year-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas-for-herThe main purpose of giving gifts to married couples is to help them start their new life together. For a second marriage however, people assume that the couple already has everything they need, so buying gifts for them becomes difficult. More often than not, they are stocked up on the essentials of starting a new life together, hence, the need to have a registry is not felt. This said, the choice of gift is all up to you, so it shouldn’t baffle you.

You can take your liberties and deviate from the traditional gifts that you would have given a newlywed couple. You can contribute to their joy by coming up with something that is unique and well, something they can enjoy as a couple. After all, it is their special day and it makes sense to present them something that will help them start their married life.

Weekend Bonanza
The couple would definitely appreciate some time alone, and a weekend getaway seems the perfect idea for a gift. Most couples may have children from the previous marriage, hence the